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The Splendor of His Glory

We are told that the heavens declare His glory and I am confident we have, all, witnessed this. Who among us has not stood at the shoreline of a beautiful beach to watch the sun rise or set? The beauty of this scenery so illuminates His power that we schedule church services during these times so we can praise God against the magnificent backdrop He, alone, created. Few things bring about such reverence as worshiping God surrounded by the glorious beauty He spoke into existence. Nature attests to His might, rocks cry out His name, mountains bow down to Him, and the stars proclaim His handiwork. The Psalms are filled with the teachings of how His creation sings of His glory.

And, then, there is man. The single creation He made in His image. The one creation He equipped with speech, with the ability to express ourselves, with the intelligence to recognize beauty, with the desire to love and to admire. The one creation He created with a soul. The one creation who can verbalize, who can put into words His majestic nature. We, who can sing of His worthiness as we see the true beauty of this world--as we see the beauty of the One who made all things.

This morning, I saw the brilliance of the sun as it rose above Sawnee Mountain. It was a perfectly formed sphere. It's orange glow was, both, too bright to look at and too beautiful not to. As I was admiring the sun, I began praising God for allowing me to see His power on full display. My thoughts were of the indescribable beauty He lavishes upon us every hour of every day. I knew that in a few minutes, this view of the sun would not be visible. The sun would rise to its place high above the clouds where it would illuminate the day, the brilliance of it as it crested the mountain top would fade as it rose higher and higher in the sky. The beauty of this hour would be replaced by the beauty of the next, as the sun will spend hours high above us, giving light to His creation below. His creation that evokes us to awe and wonder as we marvel at all He provides for us to enjoy. As I watched this morning's sun rise into the sky, I was struck by the knowledge that not all of man sees a sunrise in same 'light.' This revelation brought me to my knees praising God for allowing me to see HIM as I watched the sun. I am so thankful He chose me, so grateful He opened my eyes to Him, so blessed He calls me His own. Worship happens when His glory is on full display and we recognize it is HE we see on display within all of creation.

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1 Comment

Jan 14, 2022

Thank you for this, this morning I need reminder, perfect for today

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