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External links Category:Free audio software Category:Download managersQ: A scalable sharding strategy for online business i'm building a web application in node.js with mongodb as a datastore. I have 5 nodes, and all clients are hosted on the same cluster. How should I shard the data for the best performance? In this case, it would be better if i can use one shard to store 5 collections. In this case, it would be better if i can use one shard to store all collections. In this case, it would be better if i can use 1 cluster for all clients. Other case? A: There are many different ways to shard a cluster, and you really should read about them in the documentation. It sounds like your first option is the best one, as you're using the same collection for all your clients, so it's best to just use one collection. I'd also make sure that your shard key is not your _id, and try to avoid having any fields that are fields in your database, unless they have a very small value. A: I think option 1 is a good one. Using one shard for each collection also has a limitation. If a client is having a query that is expensive, then the client will have to wait for that particular shard to be back. As pointed out by @matt in his answer, multiple shards gives better scalability. Categories Meta User Stats Meta In the Meantime The thing that most struck me about the 27th Annual Writers’ Conference in Salt Lake City this past week was that, for a program so clearly defined, such an event is so utterly unpredictable. The guest speakers were top-notch, including Tom Franklin, Mary Karr, and Jane Smiley. But it was certainly not a litany of obvious choices. The most famous of the writers on the bill was John Steinbeck, who is, without question, a legend in the American literary landscape. But the author with the highest profile might be Stephen King. The two have collaborated on numerous books and King is quoted as saying that he has a “secret ambition” to pen a novel he considers a “masterpiece.” For the four of us who attended the conference and viewed a local broadcast of the event, that




GetFLV FULL VERSION Setup Free (Updated 2022)

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