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What Medicine To Take For Seasickness

For planes, cars, or boats, Dramamine works when taken preemptively or when sickness strikes. Dimenhydrinate 50mg swallow tablets is a great remedy for severe motion sickness. The packaging makes it easy to bring these pills anywhere. Recommended by pharmacists. Some customers did not find these tablets to be effective if not taken before travel.

Dramamine and Bonine are the two most common and popular seasickness remedies. Both are essentially antihistamines and are available over-the-counter at most pharmacies. Both can also make you sleepy, so look for the non. For most people, Dramamine works if the seas aren’t big. Dramamine has two different formularies. One is meclizine and one is dimenhydrinate, which is Benadryl plus a stimulant. One is drowsy and...

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